Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Event Management Team

Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Event Management Team

The right hospitality services team can do wonders for your event and choosing them isn’t a daunting task, if you keep these 5 factors in mind!


An event is more than just getting tasks done. It is a group effort, where professionals join forces and work towards a common goal, with the best interest in their hearts. Be it a corporate conference or wedding – each event demands a unique set of skills and expertise for the event to truly become successful and memorable. Finding the right hospitality services team with the complete services, hence, becomes crucial.

This may feel overwhelming, but we are going to make it easier for you by chalking out five important factors to consider while choosing an event management team.  

1. Event Goals:

Before you begin searching for that perfect event management team, you need to have clarity regarding a few things in your mind – i.e. your unique events goals. What is the objective of this event? Are you seeking leads, creating brand awareness, or creating memories? The answer will lead you to a team that meets your requirements.

2. Scope of Work:

Identify the particular services you need, like event planning, event logistics, marketing and vendor management. This will help you shortlist teams whose skill sets and expertise match with your requirement.

3. Budget:

Another extremely crucial factor is the budget. Based on the scale of the event, come up with a realistic budget and then look for an event management team you can afford, one that can help you achieve your goals within the said budget.

4. Network:

An event management team with longstanding and trusted connections in the industry is always a great advantage, for they will be able to get you the best vendors, venues, and resources. Do your research and understand the team’s network before signing them up.

5. Reviews & Recommendations:

An easy way to understand the track record of the team is to look them up online. Go through the reviews and ratings. You can also check their online presence through their social media profiles, website and more. Further, check with friends and peers.


Beyond event planning, event logistics, the skillset, network and expertise, it is also important to cross-check certain other qualities that make an event management team the right choice – like communications skills and creativity. A proactive team committed to listening and understanding your vision well, and bringing something creative and new to the table is a total gamechanger.


At 77 Hospitality, we approach our clients with purpose and an ingenious, insightful mind. Our team takes the time to understand your vision, and, backed by our subject-matter expertise, we host the most personalised, flawless and seamless of events that live up to and enhance their brand name/reputation. 

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